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Wavelength Online

Wavelength Online provides audiences with online access through live webinars, to its high-profile business experts and practitioners who talk on a range of leadership topics.  This is an opportunity to dial in from the comfort of your own chair and listen to what they have to say about the leadership topics most pertinent today. 

Our next webinar with Rob Burnet, CEO of Shujaaz - a masterclass on Insight, Story, Trust & Data: how good communications creates social change, the art and the science, takes place on 22nd January at 11:00am GMT.



A masterclass on Storytelling, Insight, Trust & Data: how good communications creates social change, the art and the science, with Rob Burnet.


Rob is a double Emmy Award-winning media producer based in Nairobi. He’s founder and CEO of Shujaaz (formerly Well Told Story) a communications research and production company that combines comic books, radio, online, events, insight and strategy to change the way people live, think, act and govern in East Africa.

In this masterclass Rob will discuss how they have harnessed the power of multimedia storytelling to build East Africa’s biggest youth brand, and how they’re using stories, strategy and data to provide 9m+ million young people with the information, skills and resources they need to take control of their lives, and their future.

Rob will share tools and ideas for audience insight, segmentation and strategy, and explain how data and AI are now accelerating projects with the Bill Gates Foundation, Unilever and the UK’s Department for International Development.

Register here for this webinar taking place on 22nd January at 11:00am GMT

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