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Wavelength Connect 2020: Behind the Brand 3

Please note: This event is for Members of Wavelength Connect 2020 only.

For more information please email Caroline for +44 (0) 7717 750 622.

Event details

Behind the Brand takes you deep inside some of the world’s best and most iconic organisations.

Our third module explores themes including: service excellence, consumerisation of technology, social innovation and transformation, as we visit Pret A Manger, Apple and SNS.

You Will Need to Book:

Travel to arrive at St Ermins Hotel in London for the opening session

Travel home from either Maastricht or Brussels Midi Station for Eurostar (We suggest you book the service departing at 17:56)


Wavelength Will Arrange:

Eurostar train ticket from London to Brussels

Hotel accommodation for three nights in London & Maastricht

All group travel from the start point (London) until the end point (Maastricht or Brussels Midi Station)

Dates & Times

16:00 Tuesday 28th April, 2020
St Ermins Hotel
2 Caxton St, London, SW1H 0QW


15:00 Friday 1st May, 2020 Maastricht
17:00 Friday 1st May, 2020 Brussels Midi Station (if you wish to take Eurostar home)

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