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Wavelength Podcast

Episode 2: How To Lead a Virtual Organisation
Adrian Simpson in conversation with Barbie Brewer

In this second episode of the Wavelength Podcast, Wavelength's Co-founder and Chief Connector Adrian Simpson talks to Barbie Brewer, a Silicon Valley-based Chief People Officer with unparalleled experience of what it takes to lead a fully virtual organisation.

Barbie Brewer is a passionate advocate for remote working. She shares her experience as CPO at GitLab - a $2bn valuation software development company with a thousand employees working across 55 countries yet they have no offices! - and as VP of HR at Netflix. Barbie is now CPO of Love to Know Media, another entirely virtual organisation.

Barbie provides some tangible top tips on how to operate a virtual organisation including advice on the best communication structures; how to prepare for meetings and presentations; tangible tools to help you manage and monitor your culture; and critically how leaders should lead in a virtual organisation.

Barbie also flips the narrative that remote working is laden with downsides and talks eloquently about how to embrace the opportunity to create a more flexible, connected organisation in which leaders can embrace the opportunity to be seen as truly authentic and accessible.