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Sophie Devonshire

CEO, The Marketing Society and Author of "Lead at Speed"

Sophie is the Author of Superfast –Lead at Speed, a bestselling leadership business book on how pace can drive performance. The book draws on hundreds of interviews with leaders of highly successful businesses and provides ideas and inspiration for leaders to grow their business fast.


Speaker Themes

Building Agility

Resilience and Wellbeing

"Great experience working with The Caffeine Partnership and Sophie. In a limited time and to a large and varied audience she landed both the theory and practical advice on how we can speed up what we do in teams and as individuals. Sophie brought terrific energy and insight to the current challenge teams face of doing MORE, with LESS and MUCH FASTER. Bravo!"

MD of L'Oreal

"Sophie delivered her energising and engaging presentation in her unique style, and managed to re-energise a very tired audience. A very impressive achievement, which made her one of our top-rated speakers. The presentation was full of practical business inspiration and easy to remember visual takeaways. Top class."

MD of Enova Partnership

"Sophie gave a speech to our entire organisation and was inspiring, insightful, humorous and humble. I’ve had such positive feedback from all levels of our business. She really he helped to open up our eyes to simple techniques we could apply day-to-day when dealing with change and complexity."

Phil Burgess Chief People and Operations Director, C Space

"Sophie gave a high-octane, thought-provoking speech on the need to lead at speed, packed with pragmatic actions leaders can deploy to stay ahead of an ever accelerating change curve."


"Thank you so much for yesterday and your fantastic keynote speech. I often think that a demonstration of the quality of a presentation is how often it is referred to in subsequent sessions…because that shows the messages really resonated. Well I’m glad to say that in the break out session, panel discussion and in our reflections from the day you were referenced heavily! – with people talking about the power of the pause, the importance of finding ways to increase your energy and knowing thyself."

Liz Waldron, Head of Digital & Marketing Services, Europe, Vanguard

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