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Here is Lisa’s accompanying presentation.

About Lisa Gansky

Among her many ventures, Lisa was co-founder & CEO of the world’s first commercial website, GNN, acquired by AOL in 1995 (back when there were just 1.1 million internet users in the UK, and under 40 million globally)

Lisa was also co-founder, CEO and chairman of Ofoto, where she and her team grew the business, were successfully acquired by Kodak, and grew Kodak Gallery to over 45 million users before she left in 2005.

Today Lisa advises and invests in many companies, including New Resource Bank, Me Please, Vayable, Loosecubes, RelayRides, TasteBook, Squidoo, Nuko, Greenbiz, Makani Power, Pixelpipe, Mingoville, Convio and Honest Buildings.

Lisa is also the Author of “The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing”.

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Lisa’s 45 Links to Websites related to Sharing, Reuse & Connected Services

“The future is here – it’s just not very evenly distributed” – William Gibson

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Popup/Meanwhile spaces & Community Hacks Links

Further information on Lisa & Mesh: